BIAS Peak v4.1.4

BIAS Peak — the world’s most popular stereo audio editing, processing, and mastering application for the Macintosh — is now better than ever.

From serious sound design for film, video, or multimedia, to rapid-fire broadcast editing, to music production limited only by your imagination, Peak 4 does it better than anything else. Create unique dance loops and remixes. Optimize audio for Internet streaming. Dust off that pile of vinyl records and convert them to CDs, ultra-portable AAC (MP4) or MP3 files, or to just about any audio file format on Earth. Craft soundtracks or fix audio problems for digital video. Maximize your music’s sonic quality — and then burn your own replication-ready audio CDs.

All that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dig in and hear for yourself exactly what Peak 4 can do for you. It just might explain why more music and audio professionals depend upon BIAS Peak than any other competing product.


* Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) compatibility.