Cakewalk has announced a free 2.0.1 update for Project5 Version 2

This update provides several usability enhancements and numerous bug fixes.

Note: This patch requires an installed retail copy of Project5 Version 2.0. Earlier versions of Project5, as well as demo versions, are unaffected by the patcher.

Arrange pane

* Sticky Now Time (restart Now Time from previous start position)
* Display automation values in tool tips while editing
* Vertical clip zoom
* Bounce to track


* Display automation values in tool tips while editing
* Add Channel Aftertouch automation menu's MIDI parameter list
* Metronome count-in for Editor


* Support for AIF/AIFF files
* Reduced CPU load (programs require 2~20% less CPU)
* Enhanced memory sharing scheme for multiple instances
* Instant browser population for fast browser loading
* Progress meter for loading Dimension programs


* Option to have MIDI routing override follow current track
* Graphical optimizations and enhancements to the Pattern Editor
* Faster project loading and initialization dialogs
* Various performance enhancements