Filterscape v1.1

Filterscape is a flexible sound bending plug-in. It's a parametric equalizer. It's a virtual analog filter. It's a delay effect. It's a modulation device. It's all at once - and more. It offers you the tools and flexibility to spice up your music in ways beyond imagination.

Most of all, Filterscape is great fun to use and to listen to. It's addictive!

But it doesn't stop here. Filterscape comes with 2 sister plugins (included!), one of which is Filterscape VA, a virtual analog synthesizer based on Filterscape's modular architecture, and Filterscape Q6, a 6-band equalizer with dynamic capabilities!

Filterscape at a glance:

Morphing EQ curves, for seamless spectral transitions

2 State Variable Filters with mixable outputs for lowpass bandpass, highpass and notch, all with individual panning

Step Sequencers, Envelope Followers, LFOs, MIDI provide for evolving and rhythmic effects

Tempo synced delay - EQ and filters can act on the feedback path!

Flexible, semi-modular routing, including 2 Mixers with modulatable panning

Hundreds of parameters, yet easy and fun to use

Visual feedback for all important modulations

Excellent sound quality, yet cpu friendly

Filterscape usage examples:

Endlessly evolving delays for big soundscapes

Add simply more life into drumloops

Pattern driven audio choppers, trance gates

easily switched EQ snapshots for different parts of the song

Band-selective compression (multiband, de-essing), expansion, panning

Mono to stereo effects

Talkbox / Vocoder like effects by modulated formant accentuation

Destructions, drones and noises from formerly innocent material

All the effects that you'd expect...

... but even more effects that you wouldn't have expected!

What's new:

All plugins:

- improved preset handling (up/down buttons, faster loading etc.)
- value display shows preset names
- improved MidiLearn


- better, overall better
- better font and readability
- seems to work properly in every respect ;-)


- additional routings
- more contrast in routing control for better readability
- more presets
- Resonance Modulation bug fixed


- more than 1000 new presets
- additional filter types (LP, BP, HP) with different parameter set (Click, OSC1->FM)
- built in Delay
- more economic cpu usage
- Osc drift can be switched off
- missing PitchBend parameter available
- new ArpModulator modulation source (in Arpeggiator mode)