Plogue Bidule v0.85 released

The new standard in modular audio software.
Is this a familiar picture? Cables lead from a microphone input into a small digital effect. More cables connect the effect to a mixer. Elsewhere, a MIDI cable links a MIDI input to a synthesizer, which is in turn connected to a mixer. Old hat, right? Now, imagine this: the same single output socket sprouting no less than eight different cables connecting eight different effects.

It gets better: A sound is broken down into 256 individual bands, then each is tweaked one at a time in a unique way. As he performs, a musician decides to add an LFO to a synth's filter cutoff knob, where no LFO existed before. Sound crazy? Not anymore. The new paradigm of computer audio can be summed up in two words: "real-time" and "modular" – both of which are embodied by one application...

The brainchild of Plogue Art et Technologie, Bidule is a cross-platform application that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software
- is available for both Windows and Mac OSX
- is used by thousands of musicians worldwide Bidulists from the all over the world have gathered on the forums at the Plogue Web site to get their questions about Bidule answered, as well as share their music and Bidule inventions.

New Features:

* OSC Client implementation (Bidule can now send OSC messages)

New Modules:

* AHDSR Envelope
* Basic AHDSR Envelope
* Graphical Envelope
* Graphical Envelope (Synced)
* MIDI File Recorder
* MIDI Map
* OSC Creator
* OSC Extractor
* Sample Map
* Sanitizer
* Smoother


* Application : default files are now saved in user space instead of application space
* Audio Monitor : better management of min/max values
* Audio Monitor : min/max are reset when disconnecting
* AU : added support for multiple busses
* HID Data Extractor : added renaming of parameters when changing device
* HID Data Extractor : added act as trigger parameter so that keys/buttons can be linked to buttons
* Input/Output Selector : added Mode parameter to select between Pan and Linear Interpolation
* MIDI Buffers : added save to file
* MIDI Message Remapper : added Program Change to Note
* MIDI Monitor : added Clear Buffer button
* MIDI Note Transpose : added velocity transpose parameter
* Mixer : now allows multiple solos
* Mixer : added interpolation for Pan values
* OS X : better MIDI clock input
* OS X : better timing on MIDI output
* OS X : help now appears in Help Viewer
* Unary Operator : added Truncate operation
* VST OS X : added supported for plug-ins requiring compositing window

Bug Fixes:

* Application : loading files with Mediapool references on a different platform doesn't truncate the filename to search correctly
* AU : parameter list change notification takes time to process
* Groups : syncable status not being updated correctly
* Groups : parameter linking from a group parameter to another parameter inside the group isn't saved
* Groups : doesn't remember the i/o labels when changing the i/o config or using the polyphonic adapter
* MIDI Feedback : some parameters not sending the correct value back
* MIDI File Looper : doesn't send currently opened notes Note off messages when stopping
* MIDI To Sync : sometimes outputs wrong info
* Monitors : freeze after a certain time on OS X when not using an audio device/not in VST or ReWire mode
* Oscillator : normalized amplitude of bandlimited waveforms
* Palette : history isn't always updated
* Patchbay : sometimes doesn't refresh immediately
* Parameter Modulator (abs) : presets aren't displaying their values correctly
* Presets : some values aren't save correctly
* Presets : can't be saved for some groups
* Trigger : possible crash when using it synced
* + many more fixes