Ableton LIVE 5 Public Beta Available for Download

From their homepage:
The beta version allows users to get a firsthand look at Live 5, test compatibility and report bugs.

In creating Live 5, we faced the challenge of adding our most requested features while keeping Live simple, solid and inspiring to use. The new functionality simultaneously widens Live's scope and strengthens the qualities that make the program stand out. We would like to express our gratitude to the Live users who urged us to make this happen, and to make it happen in the right way. It is very important that we get your feedback during the beta test period, so that we can make Live 5 even better.

The beta version has a few limitations:

* The system language cannot be set to Japanese.
* No manual is included.
* The skin can only be set to the default.
* Only a limited set of presets, samples, Live Sets and lessons is included.

It is important for us to get feedback from you concerning the beta version. Please post comments and other beta-related feedback on our beta forum online at While the other forums are only monitored by our support staff and specifications group, the beta forum will be monitored by all Ableton developers for the duration of the beta period.

For information on how to report bugs, please see the announcements on the beta forum and read the lesson about bug reporting that is included in the installation.