AmpliTube UNO - Free Download

Guitar Amp & FX
Modeling Plug-In
• Amp modeling
• Stomp modeling
• Post effects modeling
• For MacOS® and Windows®
• Separate Pre, EQ, Amp, Cabinet and Mic modeling
• 1,260 different amp configurations can be emulated
• 10 stomp, amp and post effects included
• Based on must-have modern and vintage Amps and effects

AmpliTube UNO includes the crunch and distortion models from AmpliTube. The distortion effect is modeled after an analog solid-state overdrive stomp box. This is the perfect unit for "driving" the first stage of the AmpliTube UNO pre-amp. This is a versatile overdrive pedal that can saturate itself and overdrive the amp as well.
Next to the Distortion effect is the amp modeling section, the Crunch Model. The Crunch Model is the same one offered in the full version of AmpliTube. This model features an EQ stage with Lo, Mid and Hi tone control circuitry that recreates the authentic response of the modeled amp. It also features an input gain control and an overall output level control. Download