Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano

Virtual Grand Piano is the Grand Piano that fits into your home computer! The extensive recordings of a Hamburg Steinway B Concert Grand have been edited and programmed so that you can enjoy the perfect realism of a real Grand Piano in your living room, without the need to make space for one! The high quality of these recordings will also allow you to create professional CD-quality piano recordings without the need to ever visit a recording studio. A large number of recording styles are covered by the numerous presets.

All this is possible by the combination of the Art Vista instrument recordings (samples), and the KONTAKT Player technology provided by Native Instruments. This Virtual Instrument can be used both on PC and Mac computers. It is ready to be played - without any additional software! Use it either as a stand-alone "Virtual Instrument" or as a "plug-in" together with your favorite audio recording software.

Choose the preset you want, and tweak it as you like with the sound shaping controls on the interface. There are knobs for Progressive Tone Control (EQ 1), Tone Control (EQ 2), Reverb, Instrument Stereo Width, Compression, as well as knobs for Volume, Pan, and Tuning. Advanced users can also control additional sound-shaping interior parameters by sending MIDI continuous controllers from other software, or from their keyboard.

Imagine sitting down at your PC or Mac computer. You start up one program and play a single note on your MIDI keyboard.

Instead of the synthesized, fake sounds of midi, you hear the glorious twinkling of a Real Concert Grand Piano. It responds to feather touches for quiet passages of Debussy, or the banging of a thunderous Beethoven Sonata.

All of these authentic sounds are now available from your home computer with nothing more than a MIDI keyboard and Art Vista's Virtual Grand Piano!

Presets for Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Gospel styles are included. No need to be a computer genius to use this incredible tool, just load the piano of your choice and play!