Augustus Loop v1.4.3

Augustus Loop is an emulation of a tape-based delay effect, with some extra features to facilitate its use as a looping device.

The key features of Augustus Loop that make it more than just a big delay effect are:

* Really long maximum delay (3600 seconds - that's one hour).
* Tap length/tap record. You can set the loop delay time while recording your first phrase.
* Virtual tape. The delay simulates an old-style tape delay, meaning you can
o change the tape speed (i.e. pitch up and down)
o reverse the tape direction
o smoothly change the delay time (as if you were changing the head gap on a tape delay).
* Multimode filter and saturation in the feedback loop.
* Four feedback taps (left to left, left to right, right to left and right to right) with independent delay time and feedback settings, for ping-pong effects, stereo delays etc.
* Pitch and filter LFOs.
* Loop length can be set in terms of the host's tempo setting.
* The plug-in can output MIDI clock messages to synchronise other applications to its loop.

v1.4.3, 13th July 2005

* Tempo is calculated and displayed even if MIDI clock output is disabled.
* MIDI clock generation is completely rewritten internally, and is generally more compatible with host apps.
* Once tap recording has been performed, changing the beats/beat divisor/triplet controls changes the delay time accordingly to maintain the tempo calculated at the end of tap recording.