ChineeWinds v1.6 from Kong Audio

Ancient Chinese Instrument Enters the Modern VSTi Realm

Dizi (bamboo flute) has always been a traditional and popular instrument in China for many centuries. As an essential Chinese instrument, it is still widely used nowadays. It can be heard everywhere ranging from modern Chinese film scores, to modern Chinese pop music (e.g., 12 Girls Band).

There are many variations of Dizi, and now, with ChineeWinds, musicians all over the world have access to the most authentic Chinese flavor directly from their favorite hosts.

Instant Exotic New Flavor to Your Composition

Modern musicians have always been searching for the next NEW sound to spice up the next big hit. Kong Audio's ChineeWinds IS the answer to your search.

ChineeWinds includes two common Tenor Dizi, two Treble Dizi, two Bass Dizi, and one ChaoZhou Dizi. ChineeWinds is Multi-sampled, plus many expressive articulations and phrases at your disposal.

Unparalleled Sampling Quality

All samples are recorded professionally in 24bit 44.1khz. Lots of hard work has been put into the making of ChineeWinds.


* New phrases.
* New trill samples layer for some patches.