loop horse v3

Loop Horse is a media manager specifically designed for organising and bulk copying files. Files can be ‘auditioned’ and then cued up for copying in one go. The files can be copied from multiple locations on your hard drive, external media or in zip/rar archives. Files can be cued up and copied from any destination as long as they are present on your system. (Files on removable media must be in the drive.)
The tool is useful for music producers who use loops and samples in their compositions. Ever find yourself copying a whole bunch of samples from a sample CD or magazine cover-mount to your drive, that you hardly ever use? Ever copied a folder of 100 bass drums, just in case? Save valuable hard disc space and search time by auditioning the files and only copying the ones that sound viable. You can also check the recording quality, bit rate etc. Maybe you just want to make up a new compilation for you portable MP3 player! Loop Horse will calculate the overall size of the files waiting to be copied. The software includes basic WAV loop editing & BPM calculation. Files without BPM information can be renamed with the additional info. Files can be accurately cropped and exported to create a perfect loop. All editing is non destructive and will not change the source file unless required. Users of FLStudio will be able to access samples in ‘zipped’ project files. Files can be cued up for copying from multiple archives. The software comes with the freeware version of ‘unRAR’. Most archives in the rar format can be accessed from within Loop Horse.