Plogue Bidule v0.8501

The new standard in modular audio software.
Is this a familiar picture? Cables lead from a microphone input into a small digital effect. More cables connect the effect to a mixer. Elsewhere, a MIDI cable links a MIDI input to a synthesizer, which is in turn connected to a mixer. Old hat, right? Now, imagine this: the same single output socket sprouting no less than eight different cables connecting eight different effects.

It gets better: A sound is broken down into 256 individual bands, then each is tweaked one at a time in a unique way. As he performs, a musician decides to add an LFO to a synth's filter cutoff knob, where no LFO existed before. Sound crazy? Not anymore. The new paradigm of computer audio can be summed up in two words: "real-time" and "modular" – both of which are embodied by one application...

Changes version 0.8501:

* Graphical Envelope: added set position dialog when double-clicking on a point.
* MIDI Note Transposer: changed velocity offset behavior to use maximum velocity instead of skipping note when resulting velocity is higher than maximum.

Bug Fixes:

* AU: Cocoa UIs don't work with Floating Frames option.
* AU: Cocoa UIs disappearing when clicking on some toolbar button.
* Graphical Envelope: can't delete point if scrollbar is used.
* Graphical Envelope: possible crash after reaching 100 points on Windows.
* Graphical Envelope: display doesn't update correctly when changing presets.
* Input/Output Selector: confusion between processing mode and interpolation mode parameter names.
* Replace: replacing a duplex audio device with a direct connection by another duplex device causes a crash.
* VST Windows: focus on the VST panel can be lost depending on some other UI operations.