Sonic Charge MicroTonic v2.0 released

Sonic Charge µTonic (MicroTonic) is a VST plug-in for Windows and Mac featuring a unique drum and percussion synthesizer combined with a pattern based drum-machine engine.

You can use the µTonic as a sound module to play drum sounds from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer, or you can use the built-in pattern engine to play drum patterns in sync with your sequencer (provided your sequencer supports synchronization of plug-ins). The sound of the µTonic is 100% synthetic and rendered in real-time. No samples or pre-rendered waveforms are used.
Sonic Charge µTonic was created by Magnus Lidström. Magnus is best known for his work with Propellerhead Software. In particular, he was the brain behind the highly acclaimed Malström synthesizer introduced in Reason 2.0. (Magnus is also responsible for Typhoon, the alternative OS for the Yamaha TX16W.)

Download the demo now and purchase your registration online. We are convinced that you will find the µTonic thoroughly unlike anything you have heard so far.

• VSTi 2.0 plug-in, compatible with practically all known VSTi hosts*.
• Available for Windows (2000 or later) and Mac OS X (10.2 or later).
• Eight channel drum and percussion synthesizer. Fully automatable.
• Pattern based drum-machine engine, synchronized to the host sequencer.
• 100% synthetic sound, rendered in real-time. No samples!
• Versatile architecture allow for a wide variety of tweakable drums and effects.
• Uncompromised quality. Over-sampled oscillators, sample-accurate triggering etc.
• Typically less than 5% CPU utilization for all eight channels on a 2.0GHz P4.
• Straightforward and easy to use interface with context menus, popup hints etc.
• Plenty of creative editing options, including randomizing functions etc.
• Comes bundled with a hefty chunk of factory sounds and patterns.

"Yes boys, girls and superstar DJs - it is true. Time passes quickly and the µTonic is celebrating a year and a half by maturing into version 2. Admittedly, version 1 did hold out for quite some time. This is actually the very first upgrade and it focuses on improving the usability of our unbeatable beatbox even further with features such as direct previewing in the file browsers, MIDI-controller support, a new "pitched" MIDI-mode, individual outputs and much, much more" (via Homepage)

Some of the changes:
* There is an alternative version of the µTonic with separate outputs for each drum channel ("MicroTonicVSTMulti").
* The µTonic features built-in support for MIDI controllers with easy-to-use on-screen editing and "MIDI learn". A MIDI controller can be assigned to a parameter in a specific drum channel, or if you prefer, to edit the currently selected drum channel. Once you have created your assignments you can save and load them.
* The program and drum patch file browsers feature direct previewing within the browsers. You can preview programs and patterns in their original tempo or synchronized to the music you are playing. Programs and individual drum patches can be previewed and compared directly without leaving the browser.
* There is a "pitched MIDI mode" which allows you to actually play melodies with the drum patches on your keyboard. In "pitched mode", the eight drum channels are addressed with MIDI channels 1 to 8 and you have the entire keyboard for each channel. C3 (note number 60) will play the "original pitch". This opens up new possibilities when you will be able to use the µTonic not only for drums, but also for melodies and bass lines.
* The oscillator section has been blessed with an attack parameter so that you can achieve a softer sound and reduce the click of those 808-style bass drums. The attack envelope is exponential, just like the default envelope mode of the noise section.
* You can export individual patterns (or chains) to standard MIDI files and WAV files.

MicroTonic version 2.0 is currently available in VST format for Windows and Mac OS X. An Audio Unit version is under development and due for release later in 2005. Homepage