Steinberg The Grand 2

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is pleased to announce that the updated version of its virtual piano instrument is now shipping worldwide. The Grand 2 features an entirely new added grand piano, surround capabilities as well as a range of features designed to maximise computer resource efficiency.

“The Grand 2 is one of the leading virtual concert grands available on the market today,” comments Claus Menke, Steinberg’s Director of Product Management. “Two world class pianos have been painstakingly recorded using state of the art equipment, and the resulting libraries engineered to give not only a breathtakingly realistic sound, but also an unprecedented level of playability,” continues Menke.


The new virtual concert grand which has been added in this update has been sampled from a renowned model by a world-famous piano maker, with added key click, pedal and hammer sounds that offer yet more sonic realism. The unique new four-channel surround implementation allows The Grand 2 to be placed anywhere inside a virtual room, with the position adjustable from directly within the VSTi’s user interface.

Several new features are aimed at providing efficient use of the computer’s resources. The Grand 2 features RAMSave™, a technology first seen in Steinberg’s HALion virtual sampler, allowing for highly efficient use of the host computer’s RAM by unloading unneeded samples from memory. While the general disk streaming performance has also been enhanced in the new version, the selectable ECO mode also reduces demands on the computer’s resources, ideal for older computers.

The Grand 2 supports all major plug-in formats such as VST, DXi, and AU. ReWire support offers easy integration into Pro Tools®, while the standalone version allows The Grand 2 to be used without a host application.

Steinberg The Grand 2

The Grand is a high-quality virtual concert piano with a breathtakingly- rich and realistic sound, whose tonal precision and outstanding dynamic qualities rival those of a real, quality acoustic concert grand piano.
The Grand 2 offers two different concert grand models with ultra dynamic response, hammer-action, sustain- and sostenuto-pedal, free programmable velocity-curves, four characteristics (natural, soft, bright, hard), tempered or concert-tuning, adjustable room portion, surround reverb and a performance Eco-mode for underpowered computers.

The Grand Features

* 2 high-end concerto grand models – World-class - featuring absolutely realistic, authentic sound
* Full length sustain samples, no loops, every key individually sampled in several dynamic levels
* Unrivalled dynamic response
* True sustain pedal resonance, damper and hammer feel
* Complex variation of different sound characteristics, like dynamic response, release behaviour, hammer-action and true string resonances and releases
* Authentic functionality of sustain and sostenuto pedals
* Velocity individually adaptable to suit personal playing style and natural response from any keyboard

The Grand V2 – new Features

* Additional all new concert grand model
* New Eco Mode available for improved performance, ideal while composing
* RAMSave™ support, resulting in low RAM usage and faster project load and save times
* New noises for more realistic sound - key clicks, pedal sound, Hammer Samples and so on
* Surround Reverb (2x2 channels) with ability to position the Grand inside a virtual room
* Improved disk-streaming performance
* Powered by award winning HALion3 32-Bit Audio Engine
* Supports all major formats: VST, DXi, AU
* Rewire Support for easy Pro Tools Integration
* Standalone version