BetabugsAudio - PhaseBug and SpinBug (freeware)

BetabugsAudio is a mixed bag of nuts, truth be told. With each new plug-in comes the possibility that a new member will be added to the team and share in the lunacy.

PhaseBug - Its primary function is to shift the phase of an incoming audio signal. This is a critical function in fixing source signals that have phase errors in relation to one another, which can cause inappropriate cancellation or reinforcement of frequencies in a mix.

SpinBug - combines a traditional "rotary speaker" effect with a set of new possibilities and parameters, all packaged into a simple and beautiful interface. SpinBug uses phase relationships and a low freq. oscillator in order to reproduce an effect produced by Leslie speakers.


  1. Anonymous03:36

    yeah superb plugs. and for free. unbelieveable

  2. Yeah.
    I'll Agree with you.
    I think it's great that there are people who think it's fun to make things for free :)
    But you can always support them.


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