energyXT v1.3.5 released

High level modular design lets you split, layer and chain instruments and effects with MIDI and audio connections. energyXT includes an easy to use arpeggiator/step sequencer and a chord component that can be placed anywhere in your MIDI chain.
Advanced sequencer with MIDI and audio. Folder tracks for grouping and saving screen space. Envelope tracks for sample accurate automation of any VST param and mixer. Cool features like multi out VST freeze, ghost clips and marker tracks for fast arranging, navigation and zooming
MIDI and audio can be 'grooved' in real-time and the level modulated by cc. Groove is per track in the sequencer and can be layered. Have one groove add shuffle, another work on velocity and a third modulate the note length in real-time. Includes modes for No overlap and Legato.
Almost everything in energyXT can be set by a color or bitmap. Included is a GUI editor with copy/paste between energyXT and your favorite image editor. Check out the available skins in the Resource section.
Advanced Piano roll editor with integrated event list. "One mode" design lets you edit fast and there are shortcuts for transpose, resize, move and velocity adjustments. The intregrated step record option lets you record and edit your music like a spreadsheet with arrow keys, Ins and Del.
Browse the energyXT forum over at K-v-R. The community has lots of advanced users willing to help out. Many of the features and improvements implemented in energyXT comes from discussions over there.
The performer in the MIDI Part comp can be set up to trigger MIDI sequences by MIDI notes or MIDI cc. Featuring play and mute groups, multiple sequences can easily be played, layered and muted live with your MIDI keyboard.
The MIDI envelope doesn't only send out ultra smooth cc changes, but can also be routed to any VST param loaded in energyXT.


* You can now add any number of EQ bands (select between lowshelf, peaking or highshelf) to audio outputs in the mixer.
* Velocity shading.
* New sample clip/audio editor.
* "Trim sample to clip" in audio editor (will make a "trimmed" copy of wav).
* The 128 VST params in the VST version can now optionally be mapped to any cc and params of VSTs loaded in the project (via cc, but keeps the 32-bit resolution). Select "Param mapper" from main popup menu.
* You can now free-draw insert CC's in MIDI Editor/sequencer (drag mouse with alt pressed).
* Toggle recording on/off while playing.
* Support for audio recording latency (new ASIO.dll).
* Improved part ordering in sequencer, making it easier to select and resize overlapping part.
* Alt + up/down keys to adjust velocity now also works in-track sequencer.
* Split selected parts (see Arr menu).
* Muted notes and parts are now drawn with dotted lines.
* When trying to move notes on a high zoom out level, it would resize instead of move, now fixed.
* Use Alt + right-click to split parts, notes and audio clips. Notes can also be split by double-clicking on them.
* Note preview in keyboard step recording mode.
* There was a problem with enable MIDI out device, now fixed.
* Ctrl+click vertical piano key in piano roll to select all notes on that specific key.
* Audio clips now have a semi transparent background by default. You can edit this by adding 'audioClipOpaque=0' (0-128) line to the [layout] section of energyXT.ini.
* Fixed issue with z-ordering/selection of audio clips.
* Use alt+mouse to change note length/velocity in piano roll.
* Favorite folders in render save dialog.
* Render file defaults to audio folder on new projects.
* Muted notes in ghost clips didn't reload as muted, now fixed.
* Delete all in MIDI part controller view now also works for pbend and progchange.
* Quick select controller in MIDI editor didn't work with ProgChange, now fixed.
* Editing in envelope comp will now flag project as modified.
* Docking a VST editor will position it in the upper left corner of the dock page, undocking will show it in center of screen.
* Option to copy a absolute-path-sample to the new Audio folder of the project.
* Option to search for missing sample on disk.
* Changing mixer vol, pan, mute, solo etc will now mark the project as modified.
* You can now organize your samples in a subfolder. This makes it much easier to backup, move and share projects.
* Improved precision when editing cc with mouse.
* Fixed prob with sample waveform of soundfonts not showing until reloading song.
* Option to delete all unused samples in Sampler comp.
* After resizing a note, the length will be remembered on the next Insert note action.
* Drag insert note will now show the current velocity value in the controller toolbar.
* Use backspace to go back one step (and delete all notes on that step) in step rec mode.
* Use Backspace to restart recording.
* Map CC to transporter in sequencer (see File -> CC Map).
* Support for editing of velocity/cc in-track in sequencer.
* 'Move up' on inserts on comps in main window didn't work, now fixed.
* Arr names in sequencer now uses the same font color as track names (sq_track_font_col).
* Fixed a window problem with eXT VST version in some hosts (after hiding the main window).
* Turning off metronome and then back on again would make it play out of sync, now fixed.
* Fixed a resize issue with dockbar.
* Add track will now insert below current track.
* Mute/solo arrs in multimode in sequencer.
* Show param on main comps.
* Fixed issue with play buttons on marker tracks in sequencer.
* Fixed an issue with audio monitoring in sequencer.
* Fixed prob with shift+return (play selection in loop) when using multiple arrs.
* Fixed problem with mute/unmute audio parts.
* Option to show/hide insert and send FX in mixer.
* Settings of the audio outputs in the Audio part comp wasn't saved properly, now fixed.
* Support for insert fx with dry/wet control on comps in main window, including sequencer outputs. Render to file from sequencer comp will then use insert fx as master fx.
* In-track audio events didn't draw properly when not using auto-zoom, fixed.
* You can now show VST params of insert effect in mixer.
* Use mouse wheel to scroll in main mixer.
* New default skin, created by dln.
* VST program selector on insert fx in mixer.
* There is now only one mixer, instead of a main mixer and a sequencer mixer.
* Support for favorite folders in file dialog. Right-click to add folder.
* Fixed bug with metronome getting out of sync after changing song position.
* Added option for 1 bar snap.
* Improved drawing of waveform data in clip editor when zoomed in more than 128 frames per pixel.
* Freeze track with sampler comp didn't work, now fixed.
* "Remember last note length" when mouse-inserting notes is now optional (off by default). See Options menu in MIDI editor.
* Optional "Remember last velocity".
* Fixed redraw issue when window was bigger than screen.
* Select skin folder in GUI editor.
* Fixed problem with MIDI patcher.
* Will now remember last note length and velocity in MIDI editor.
* When drag-inserting notes with mouse in MIDI editor, you can now set both note length and velocity by dragging mouse vertically and horizontally.
* When drag-inserting notes, press/release the alt key to toggle between set length/velocity or set position/transpose.
* New skin item: win_active_font_col.
* Added MIDI learn to MIDI patcher lower/upper keys (ctrl + left or middle click).
* Fixed issue with audio glitches with many ASIO drivers (when moving gui objects on screen).
* You can now undo editing of audio event start/end and volume ramp changes.
* Duplicate track.
* Double-click a part with shift pressed to select all parts in the track.
* Undo set velocity with mouse on ghost parts in MIDI editor didn't work, now fixed.
* Font color of tracks in sequencer can now be set in the skin.
* Fixed crash on load problem with VSTi version in Orion.
* Save/load audio part presets in sequencer (great for building loop library).
* Drag and drop MIDI/audio/envelope presets on tracks.
* Will now remember last "Insert sample..." path in all comps.
* Mouse-drag-copy/paste comps in main window.
* Ctrl + D to duplicate comps in main window.
* Ctrl + del to delete selected comps in main window.
* Use . and , as shortcuts for horizontal scrollbar in sequencer, MIDI and audio editor.
* Spacebar will toggle playback of active part in MIDI part comp on/off.
* Press menu-key to open main menu in main window.
* Press m to open menu of selected comp.
* Pressing e on a folder track will show/hide child tracks.