Realtime Convolution
Orion Platinum 6 introduces the Impulse Response Processor, an effect for applying reverberation from captured impulse responses. This means you can apply the sound of real rooms, halls, cathedrals etc on your mix - in realtime! The sound quality of the Impulse Response Processor is stunning - check out the demo sequence below, or even better, download the Platinum Demo and try it out yourself! Note you can load your own impulses - 16, 24 and 32-Bit Stereo WAV files at any sampling rate are supported.

Enhanced Program Editor
The new program editor of the Sampler has been extended with 3 parameters: Keymap Volume, Keymap Pan and Layer Finetune.

New Effects Added
Apart from the Impulse Response Processor, a couple of other great sounding and highly useful effects have been added to Orion Platinum. The Dynamics Shaper allows easy level-independent compression with just 2 knobs (Attack and Decay). The Bass Compressor is another new dynamic effect which specifically amplifies the low-frequency part of a signal. Finally, the Analog 3-Band EQ simulates an analog prototype EQ accurately, sounding more musical than the usual digital EQs.

Wait, there's more...
Orion Platinum 6 also introduces a bunch of other very useful features:

# 192 kHz rate for realtime playback and mixdown
# Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC)
# Multiple MIDI In devices supported
# New keyboard shortcuts for faster workflow
# Improved flexibility when monitoring or recording
# DrumRack supports 24- and 32-Bit WAV/AIFF files

Note that Orion Platinum 6 requires a SSE-compatible processor to run. All Pentium-CPUs starting from Pentium-III are SSE-compatible, however older AMD processors (before the Athlon XP) are not.