Psycle 1.8.0

PSYCLE is a Music Creation Studio, using a tracker interface.
It can be used to make any type of music, using either its native plugins (synths and effects), VST2 plugins (synths and effects), internal sampler and effects and .wav files through the sampler.

Notes are entered in patterns, where lots of different commands (plugins related or general) can be used to change any plugin (native or VST, synths and effects) parameters at any time.
The patterns are then organized in the sequencer.
This sequence is the song and can be saved in .psy format, but also to .wav (this allows to compress the song in .mp3 or .ogg formats for example)

PSYCLE is free and opensource.


* Added an option to make pattern navigation (cursors by default) doesn't be affected by Pattern Step, jumping always 1 row.
* Added a shortcut (ALT+S) for Psycle Settings Dialog.
* Added right mouse button to join machines and moving destination machine (when clicking over a triangle).
* Added PgUp/PgDn (or assigned keys) to move backward/forward 16 rows while playing.
* Added a question to auto-increase a pattern length if you paste a block bigger.
* Skin for machine parameters' knobs.
* Added crop command in the wave editor.
* Fixed bug in the vst host that occurred sending midi note offs.
* Reset all controllers.
* Fixed bug where unmuting vsts produced note blasts.
* Added a message/error logging system.
* Fixed bug for some directsound drivers that are semi-bogus (the symptom was that the configuration dialog kept popping up asking you to reconfigure forever).
* Moved the checkbox for move cursor when pasting to the sequencer panel.
* Native machines can now have labels ("titles") to group several parameters that are related together.
* Added a new internal machine "Note Duplicator". It just resends the Tick command to the specified machines.
* Allow the player to send commands to a machine from any pattern track with a given channel (or "voice") number.
* New sampler machine, "sampulse":
o Added IT loader.
o Converted XMSampler "Layers (waves) per instrument" to independent sample bank and instrument bank.
o Removed and cleaned (a bit) old sample sources (removed the never used sample layers).
o More Work on Sampulse (IT Filtering, improving commands, bug fixing).
* New native plugins:
o stk plugins.
o chorus plugin.
o whawha plugin.
o gamefx plugin.
o blitz plugin.
* Some native plugins are now open source:
o All druttis' plugins now open source.
o All pooplog's plugins now open source.
* The plugin host now resists to plugin crashes (both native and vsts).
* Fix for karlkox surround.