Ableton's Newsletter for September

1. Live 5 Released at Summer NAMM 2005

In the midst of an Indianapolis heat wave, Ableton celebrated the
release of Live 5 at Summer NAMM 2005. Demos highlighting Live 5's new
features were performed by a team of M-Audio product specialists,
surrounded by faithful Live users and a crowd of press and industry at
the M-Audio pavilion.

Presentations by CEO and Ableton co-founder Gerhard Behles and
Press/Artist Relations Manager Dave Hill Jr. showed off Live 5's new
features, including MP3 support, track freeze and the new Live Clip format.

"With the release of Live 5, we focused on user requests, with our
largest development effort since the first version of Live," said
Gerhard Behles at Ableton's Friday press conference. "While Live 5
includes a comprehensive suite of tools needed for a professional
studio, it remains streamlined and easy to use." Watch Dave Hill's Live
5 presentation video at Harmony Central:

Ableton would like to send a huge "thank you" out to the world's press,
artists and the fine team of M-Audio product specialists that made this
year's Summer NAMM such a success. We'd also like to thank our users.
Your support has allowed us to augment the development team with new
talent, helping us to make Live 5 such an early reality!

Look for Live 5 in stores soon, or order your copy now from the Ableton
webshop at

2. Live 5 Bundles Available!

Looking for the perfect hardware to go with Live 5? The Ableton webshop
is offering Live 5 bundled with the following hardware products:

• Live/Trigger Finger Bundle. Live 5 and the M-Audio Trigger Finger MIDI
interface for EUR/USD 589

• Live/Ozonic Bundle. Live 5 and the M-Audio Ozonic workstation for

• Live/FW Solo Bundle. Live 5 and the M-Audio FireWire Solo audio
interface for EUR/USD 579

• Live/UC-33e Bundle. Live 5 and the Evolution UC-33e MIDI controller
for EUR/USD 579

• Live/FW Audiophile Bundle. Live 5 and M-Audio's FireWire Audiophile
interface for EUR/USD 559

• Live/O2 Bundle. Live 5 and the M-Audio O2 MIDI keyboard for EUR/USD 539

• Live/Ozone Bundle. Live 5 and the M-Audio Ozone workstation for

• Live/MK-449C Bundle. Live 5 and the Evolution MK-449C MIDI keyboard
for EUR/USD 549

All bundles include an exclusive Ableton T-shirt, an Ableton mouse pad
and free shipping!

For more information, please go to

Already own Live?
As a special offer for registered Live users, we have limited quantities
of the bundled products above available for purchase separately.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact

3. New Artist Features on

Electronic artist, sound designer and Ableton effects conceptualist
Robert Henke discusses Ableton and Live 5. Read the article and watch
the movies at

Dust Brothers
The Dust Brothers have turned sample selection into an art, influencing
the course of music with seminal production on albums by the Beastie
Boys, Linkin Park, Santana and the Rolling Stones, among others.
Recently, they turned to Ableton Live to help produce Beck's latest
album, Guero.

Kid Beyond
Beatboxer Kid Beyond creates full-fledged compositions using just his
mouth, a microphone and Ableton Live. In this video, Kid Beyond shows
how he uses Live as a hands-free looping tool onstage and in the studio.
To read more, please go to

4. Live 5 on Tour with M-World 2005

Ableton's newly released Live 5 will be extensively demonstrated during
M-Audio's popular M-World tour (US only). Several tour stops throughout
the US will provide the chance to get a firsthand look at Live 5 and its
exciting new features.

Following the smashing success of M-World 2004, M-Audio has put together
what is sure to be another exciting event, bringing world-class
demonstrations of today's revolutionary music hardware and software to a
city near you.

For more information, dates and venues, please visit:

5. Berklee College of Music Teaches Live

Study Ableton Live 5 online this fall with Berklee College of Music. is the online extension school of Berklee College of
Music. In their instructor-led Producing Music with Ableton Live online
course, students learn to master the creative tools and techniques to
remix and produce any number of contemporary musical styles using Live's
unique real-time recording and mixing capabilities. Berkleemusic and
Ableton have also come together to offer an exceptional student
educational discount on the required software for the course: Live 5 and
Operator. The course is enrolling now for their fall semester, which
closes on September 15th. Seats are limited, so enroll today!

Learn more:

6. Ableton Live Courses at the City Lit London

The City Lit—based in the heart of Covent Garden—now offers more courses
on Ableton Live. The 30-hour courses run for 10 weeks on Saturdays from
11am – 2pm.

The course deals with the following aspects of Live:

• Understanding the interface, Session and Arrangement Views
• Importing and recording audio clips
• Creating rhythmic pieces using original field recordings
• Quantization techniques and the use of Warp Markers
• Control via MIDI
• Rewiring Ableton Live and Reason
• Improvisation and the creation of a Live Set in real time
• Editing in the Arrangement View
• Plug-ins, automation and mixing

For more details on the next course starting on September 24th, please go to

The full details of all City Lit music technology courses and further
information about the City Lit can be found at