Bidule VST/AU v0.875 is now ready to beta test

Bidule is now also a plugin that you can use in your favorite host.
No more need for "bridging" techniques that only allows one instance of Bidule to be running.
Less of a need for Bidule to have an "end-all" MIDI sequencer of its own, as it can be driven by the host sequencer.

You can now run multiple instances of this VST/AU plugin, as an instrument or fx in your sequencer. The host will also save and restore the state of all the instances inside its own file format (no need to separately save .bidules for each of your projects).
Each plugin also "exports" 512 parameters that you can automate in your host and link to any parameter in Bidule.

0.8752 known issues:

- You need to have Bidule v0.850x standalone installed
(Windows : we need it for libsndfile.dll and formulc.dll ONLY)
(Both : many preferences are shared and the plug-in won't automagically
scan for new plug-ins at every launch in order to save time and don't
end-up with Bidule scanning for plug-in while another app scans Bidule, etc...)

- Key Shortcuts dont work in all hosts yet.

- PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation) is required if host doesn't provide power of two buffersize (just make sure your host does 128,256 or 512) and you shouldn't worry.

This plugin version will only work for registered Early Bird licencees and is not given for "free" at any moment. It will be made a permanent part of the Early Bird v0.9000, and is intended to become a v1.0 'full' feature.