CodeOperator DelayPack v1.0

A Package with several Delay-Plugins

DelayPack is a Package with very usefull DelayPlugins for OS X. A Windows Version will follow a few days after the OS X Release.

DelayPack is made with Pluggo-MAX/MSP from cycling74. You need to install the Pluggo-Runtime to use DelayPack. If you have further questions regarding DelayPack please contact .
DelayPack for OS X and Windows 1.0

PlugIns included:

* COSimpleDelay - a delay up to 5s, with Feedback, Feedback-HP/LP and HP/LP
* COSpectralDelay5 - a 5 band spektral delay with feedback
* COModulationDelay - a delay with modulation (flanger/chorus/ringmodulation)
* CODuckingDelay - a ducking delay
* COPingPongDelay - 5 delay-lines with individual pan
* more delays follow soon

NEWS: Next week we will add COSpecialDelay to DelayPack.

* Features for COSpecialDelay you can set the count of delays (up to 10)
* you can send every of the 10 delays through up to 4 effect-channels like Lofi, PithShift, Chorus/Flanger, RingModulation
* and more...

You can download a Demo-Version from our download page. The Demo-Version will beep every 15 sec.

DelayPack can be purchased at $49.95 until september 15, then the price will be $69.95. For more information please go to the store.

If you buy DelayPack now, you will receive every new Delay for free. The price will rise $5 for every new Delay. So it is up to you...