Propellerhead Software discontinues ReBirth - Releases it for free!

ReBirth is dead, long live ReBirth! Ladies and Gentlemen, we hereby announce that ReBirth is officially discontinued. September 1, 2005 marks the end of the ReBirth era, and we are celebrating this by opening the ReBirth Museum to commemorate its history.

Why did Propellerhead make this decision?

ReBirth was the first successful software synthesizer. It pioneered and shaped a lot of what we now take for granted in software synthesizer type products. However, it was designed almost ten years ago. Musical styles and music technology have both changed dramatically since then, and we decided that the foundation for the product just wasn't valid anymore. We're a small company with limited development resources and we think it makes much more sense for everybody involved - even you as a ReBirth user - that we concentrate our efforts on our more current products and on future projects.

The practical ramifications of this decision are:

* All development on ReBirth RB-338 has stopped. There will be no future updates and no Mac OS X version.
* Personal customer support of the product will be discontinued. We receive very few questions from ReBirth owners nowadays, and all of the information we usually provide is now available in the FAQ section on the new ReBirth web site, see below.
* As of today, ReBirth is given away for free. Anyone can download and use ReBirth 2.0.1. The download and instructions are also available on the ReBirth site.


  1. Anonymous03:36

    So... Why not opensource it?

  2. That's a good idea.
    Too bad they haven't thought of that....

  3. Anonymous04:39

    i'm like so sure they _did_ consider open sourcing it, mmmk. unless you are indeed being sarcastic.

  4. No that's a good idea. Really.

  5. Ahh. Cool. I actually bought Reason 4.0 though, but its nice to know that this is free (legally) now. If only they would do the same for Flash 8.

  6. Reason is not free. It's the old ReBirth software thats free.


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