Ableton Live v5.0.2 released

From the homepage:

Hi folks,

we just released the bugfix update Live 5.0.2.

Just check the download section on our website or use the 'Check for Updates...' entry from Live's help menu.

A very big thanks to all people participating on the 5.0.2 beta period.
I did not yet managed to answer all mails sent to but
I will try to catch up on everything in the next days.

Two notes:

To all Live 5.0.2 beta tester, please keep in mind that the final Live 5.0.2
version copies the preferences from the last final Live version (Live 5.0.1)
but not from any beta version.

Because a bug fix related to the latency information provided from the audio interface
you might have to reset your 'Overall Latency' value in the 'Audio' section of
Live's preferences.

Kind Regards,

Change log Live 5.0.2b8 - 5.0.2

[01] Bug: Memory leak

Platform: All

Depending on the audio buffer size, the number of audio clips within a Live set and the number of audio clips with the 'RAM' switch activated there was a memory leak which could in a worst case increase the memory usage because an overflow in an internal queue.

Status: Fixed

[02] Bug: Sample offset modulation

Platform: All

A negative sample offset modulation would not work properly at clip start.

Status: Fixed

[03] Bug: Browser: Recursive alias

Platform: All

Under certain conditions with recursive folder aliases Live would freeze when switching the browser root up.

Status: Fixed

[04] Bug: Filter-curve views

Platform: All

Filter-curve view would not displayed properly after a sample rate change.

Status: Fixed