Covert Operators - SoundWrecks sample pack for Ableton Live 5

From the homepage:


The Covert Operators are proud to present SoundWrecks!

SoundWrecks is a wild new sample pack for Ableton Live 5 - 3000 LiveClips, hundreds of Synths patches, hundreds of fx chains plus 66 drumkits! The compilation uses almost every new feature included in Live 5, such as clip saving, device chaining and all the new effects.

At the heart of SoundWrecks are 400 drum and percussion loops, which have been mangled and transformed by extensive use of clip envelopes, effects and creative looping. This means that the files are ready to go right out of the box, but can all still be radically tweaked, and the effects can even be applied to other loops instead - making the library modular! Months and months of work has gone in to this pack, and we're very pleased with the results

Bjorn Vayner is the first to release a demo track from this sound library. Every sound you will hear in this crunchy electro track is included in the SoundWrecks sample pack. Downloading the .als will let you remix the track and re-cycle it in your own tracks!


The SoundWrecks sample package is available as a download for only 35 Euro.

You can purchase and download SoundWrecks from the button below. Currently only the OSX version is available. A Windows version should be available from this website very soon, so watch this space!

The size of the download is approximately 670 MB. Click on the "Buy" button below to purchase the SoundWrecks sample package for OSX.