SynthMaker v0.9.5 released

SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

New Release 0.9.5

From the homepage:
"We're starting to include high-level modules now. This release will install to a new folder. Apologies to those of you who have large collections of modules as these will need to be copied over. We've moved a few components around to more sensible groups. We've also added and removed a few groups."

"If you are not in developer mode you'll see a much reduced toolbox containing mainly high-level modules. We've only added a small number in this release but already you can combine them to nice effect and we have a new example that shows a nice sounding yet simple synth that was very easy to plug together."

Additions and fixes:

– First set of high-level modules
– Fixed crashes caused by MIDI configuration issues
– The software was very slow deleting components with many wireless connections
– Wireless links were not being established early enough in the load process which was causing some schematics to load incorrectly
– Fixed a crash when a module containing an Index Selector is dragged to the toolbox
– The one-click front panel (G button) mechanism was broken during the last release, this is now working again
– Resizing and moving properties in a front panel was not syncing
– New quick key 'A' for the text component
– Improved 'pinning' behaviour for properties, ctrl + click on the properties button at any time to pin open
– When driving the selection index for two or more stream selectors from the same component any re-linking is only done on the first selector
– When dragging knobs with ctrl or shift held down, if the mouse passes over other parts of the interface the cursor changes and other redraw glitches can occur
– You can now maximise the schematic window in one command (under the View menu) or hit ctrl + HOME
– Fixed a bug in the pixel to/from grid area components that was returning the wrong result
– There are now fields for Vendor and Version in the Export VST/VSTi dialog
– The toolbox indicators showing whether an MGUI or PGUI can be added to a module were not working correctly
– New title and type inputs for file dialog component so you can now say if you want an open file or save file dialog box
– File dialog component now only opens when the open trigger input is fired
– Opening properties on a module that links to components that are off screen doesn't animate correctly
– New VST info component for storing VST plugin details in the schematic
– Redraw glitch when dragging modules to the toolbox was showing the module panel miniaturised
– String Array wasn't saving the array
– Glitch when showing tooltip help and then dragging the same component, tooltip is not erased correctly
– Export vst wasn't taking into account module client area
– Counter wasn't updating input params when a link was connected
– Order of links at an output was changing under certain circumstances on load
– Code string is now saved in code component

New Components:

– VST Plugin Info