DarkWare- OctoEcho

A stereo-widening / chorus / multi-delay effect.
OctoEcho is an array of eight delay units. Four for the left stereo channel, and four for the right. Each delay unit has it's own specific modulation and feedback knobs for individual tweaking. Also included is a vector interface which can be initiated to control the modulation and feedback settings for each delay unit globally and simultaneously. This vector control is fantastic for live tweaking purposes, as well as for "luck of the draw" tunings. There are also toggles for other nifty things, such as "Spacial-Reverb" and dynamic headroom clipping. OctoEcho comes with a suite of 16 presets all specifically designed to be immediately useful, but to really understand the glory of OctoEcho, you simply must tickle it yourself. Basically, if you thought Perky! was nice, OctoEcho will make you poop yourself.