Digital Performer 4.61 is now shipping

Digital Performer 4.61 is now shipping. If you own Version 4.5x or 4.6, you can download the free Version 4.61. This maintenance release includes numerous program enhancements and feature updates.

Enhancements include the ability to set the number of items that appear in the Recent Files sub-menu and the ability to set the number of items in the Undo History all the way down to 1 for simplified undo/redo functionality. A complete summary of new features is provided with the 4.61 updater package, now available for free download.


* Recent File Menu has a new preference (Startup Options> Number of Recent Documents).
* Document Templates Open Button preference (Startup Options> Document Templates).
* Toggle Expand Button command (Commands window). This new binding will toggle expand/collapse of the Track selector in Edit windows.
* General maintenance and improvements.