EchoLive v1.0 (free)

It features a tap tempo function which makes it easy to create echoes that fit the timing of a live band.

# the delay time can be defined by tapping the tempo with the mouse or on a midi keyboard or midi controller
# alternatively the delaytime can also be set manually or synchronized with the host application.
# latency compensation: you can compensate your soundcard's latency for perfectly timed echoes in live applications.
# tape model including tape saturation, tape hiss, wow & flutter, low and high pass filtering, smooth parameter for continuous delay time changes like on a real tape delay
# stereo-control: ping pong delay, time symmetry, stereo width
# all parameters are controllable by midi controllers.
# pop-up hints help to understand the function of each control on the user interface. These appear when the mouse rests over a control.
# also the assignement of midi controllers is documented in the pop-up hints