Galleoneer - Multimodefilter Mk2 v1.0

The Multimodefilter Mk1 is been downloaded more than 8000 times until the 07/2005. Its been also published on cover cds of music magazines. Now it will be taken into the next level.

This sequel has a better improved filtering algorithm: so it will be one of the best sounding filters ever on the PC.

It also has some new concepts like the two parallel BP (and also Notch) filters that can be detuned and modulated.

Key tracking and extensive modulation options will open you the doors to amazing filtering effects.

Multimodefilter MkII Specs:

- High quality filter algorithms
- 2 pole and 4 pole lopass filter
- 2 pole and 4 pole hipass filter
- Bandpass filter
- Notch filter
- 2 bandpass filters that can be detuned
- 2 notch filter that can be detuned
- True 64 Bit processing
- Innovative filter parameters
- Hi resolution tweaking for parameters
- MIDI key tracking for filter frequency and resonance
- Extensive modulation options
- 4 independent LFOs
- Almost every parameter can be modulated by all 4 LFOs
- Powerfull randomizing function
- Support for presets
- Comparison A to B function
- Suitable for classic filtering
- Suitable for filter based effects
- Suitable for rhythmic modulations