Hexter v1.2 released (free)

Hexter VSTi 1.2 - Port of Sean Bolton's Hexter LADSPA/DSSI synth, which is modeled after the classic 6 operator "FM" based DX7 hardware synth. Can load and save the hundreds of standard 32 or 1 patch DX7 sysex files. VSTi version can load 128 patches, which is 4 standard 32 patch DX7 sysex files, and has built in patch editor with simple bank edit functions to change the position of a patch.

2005-11-08 (November 8, 2005) - Hexter VSTi 1.2 released. Fixed some bugs:

Functionality related:

-bug#1 fixed: Processing loop found and fixed. Possible bug in original DSSI version processing loop found and fixed. Events which occur in last 64 samples of sampleFrames were not processed caused by "if else" statement.

-bug#2 fixed: Reducing sample rates above 44100Hz, for example 96000Hz to 48000Hz, made reverb crash the plugin. The cause was reverb's allpass and comb bufidx which should have been set to zero when buffer size changed.

-bug#3 fixed: Mono playmode stuck held-key. Mono playmode held-key can get stuck if a noteoff message for the held key is not received under very fast playing. Pressing the key which was held releases the key, if you can find it. But since it is kind hard to find, I made various functions reset it. NoteOff resets it. SoundOff resets it. Changing patch resets it. Changing playmode resets it.

GUI related:

-bug#4 fixed: GUI updating glitch fixed. Tuning, playmode, and polyphony sliders jumped around showing old values if a patch was selected from the patch drop-down menu.

-improvement: SetProgram updates GUI more efficiently. SetProgram recoded/simplified to update GUI more efficiently. Pretty complex since there are 5 ways a setProgram message can be generated from various GUI controls including Host setProgram message. Testing plugin on slow Pentium 2 helped. Probably no noticable difference on a fast computer.