Hilofi - Multiband Bitcrusher I SE (free)

The Multiband Bitcrusher I is a multiple bitcrush & downsample vst plugin. It selects from the signal 4 frequency bands - Low; Middle Low; Middle High; High - and then processes it through the bitcrusher and/or the downsampler and/or the grinder. Frequency cut point for each band is selectable in a variable range depending on the band; not selected frequencies are cutted.


* 4 selectable frequency ranges: Low band (250/500 Hz) - Middle-Low Band (500/2000 Hz) Middle-High Band. (2000/8000 Hz) High band (7000/16000 Hz).
* Selective Bitcrush & Downsample for each band.
* Additional "grind" for each band to squash more your signal.
* Additional gain for each band.
* Mute-solo-bypass for each band for better control of the bitcrushing process.
* Enabling/disabling postfilter for each band.
* Main Wet/Dry & gain controls.
* Midi Learn (Please note that in SE edition you can automate and also customize parameters of only Low and Mid-low bands).