LiveSlice v1.1

This beat slicer can do much more than just slice your beats. You can load up to 64 wave files at a time, slice them up and combine the slices in the multitrack arranger.

Each slice is coloured based on the content so you can easily tell them apart - this makes manual rearranging a lot easier.

With up to 256 slice on each loop liveslice is as much a granular synthesizer as a beat slicer. As you can also sequence notes you can do simple melodic arrangements too (bases and arps).


* Automatic or manual slicing
* ACIDized loop import and export
* Multitrack sequencer with snap / quantize
* Host sync
* Integrated loop browser with preview
* full MIDI control
* up to 32 tracks, 64 loops, 256 slices
* resizable gui, zoom in slicer
* up to 8 outputs with individual slice routing
* integrated loop browser with preview
* loads all uncompressed .wav formats
* supports any sample rate

System requirements

* Windows XP, 2000, NT or 98
* Anything faster than 300mhz will do, CPU is pretty low
* Memory requirements: Uses 4mb of memory + about a mb pr. loop (average)
* No P4 denormalization issues

New features:

* Horizontal zoom in slicer.
* Save slices and tempo info as ACIDized loop (saves directly in the wave file).
* Mousewheel support in all hosts.
* Grid in arranger - so you can find your way.
* Other arranger workflow improvements.
* BPM detection and ACID import improved.
* Faster audio import and improved coloring.
* Middle mouse support (works as CTRL+RMB, that is: delete).
* Octave numbering system is adapted to the host labeling convention
(the note C1 in Cubase is called C3 in Fruity loops and C0 in Tracktion 1.6).

Bug fixes:

* Deleted slices in first track was reinserted on reload.
* Right click "clear button" bug fixed.
* Crash with loading some invalid wave-files fixed.
* Bug when opening the same .fxb bank multiple times fixed.
* Tracks were not being properly deleted - fixed.
* Manually inserted slices could not be triggered individually.
* MIDI slice triggering bug fixed.
* Changing the size of the arranger was disabled.
* Other minor bugfixes.