LiveSlice v1.2

LiveSlice is a beat slicer and arranger intended to be played live - like an instrument. Everything can be controlled by MIDI, fine tuned in the GUI and seamlessly integrated in your midi sequencer - all in one creative workflow.
New features since v1.1:

* Clear button to clear arrangements and / or loops.
* Trigger individual slices from arranger tracks.
* Use all the parameters when MIDI triggering.
* Configurable maximum attack and release times (up to 1 second).
* Zoom by dragging in the slicer (hold down both mouse buttons).
* Grid is now drawn on top of events.
* Events can be moved past their neighbors.
* Events can no longer be hidden behind other events.
* Use tracks for layering events.
* When snap is on, new events can be inserted without holding down CTRL.
* Tracks have "snap" activated as default.
* Snap now moves back instead of moving to the closest interval.

Bug fixes since v1.1:

* MIDI note off messages handled incorrectly in controllers - fixed.
* Fixed problem with triggering and quantizing empty tracks.
* When a file has been loaded, it is deselected in the browser.
* When you load only slices, the fileName is not changed.
* Event durations visualized, when attack and release times are changed.
* Track parameters are now redrawn properly on MIDI control changes.
* Fixed problem with very rapid pan changes.
* Corrupted ini file crashing liveslice fixed.
* "grouping slices" problem solved.
* Hand cursor shown when you can move events only.
* MIDI parameter "toggle" status shown correctly.