Maxx Claster - Toxic v2.3

High Quality Envelopes
Toxic's envelope generators are of the highest quality. They are based on complex spline interpolation algorithms that were painstakingly coded to make them extremely precise and smooth.

Completely Alias-Free Oscillators
The oscillators coded into Toxic are completely alias-free over the entire spectrum range and well tuned for all sampling rates. There are 47 waveforms to choose from, including classic shapes as well as some unclassified waveforms that are rich in harmonics.

Powerful Step Sequencer/Arpeggiator
Toxic has a 32 step sequencer/arpeggiator. Using our "Smart Sequencer" technology, it defines the chord played and tunes the pattern according to that chord as well as simply playing the pure pattern while holding single keys.

Four Effect Modules
Toxic comes loaded with 4 effect modules. There is a 6-band equalizer, distortion and two delay modules which allow the user to produce several types of effects - from chorus and flanging to delay and reverb. The effect modules effectively recreate analog effects resulting in warm sound and no digital clicks when tweaking time knobs.

Non-Clicking Controls
All parameter of Toxic are interpolated so that when you tweak them there is no noise heard while adjusting knob positions.


* Problem with MIDI CC fixed.
* Problem with sequencer stop in some hosts fixed.