MHC - Ambient Keys v1.0

Ambient Keys is a synthesizer which produces dreamy sounds, either beautiful or just strange. Lush pads, interesting leads which sound almost organic or wonderful sound effects - these are the type of sounds which you may play using Ambient Keys. A whopping 1024 presets are included.

Ambient Keys was tailor made for sounds which sound beautiful or strange but nevertheless good and interesting. They are full of tension and drama and they're suitable for those who are looking for sounds they've never heard before.

Basically the synth follows the same tradition as our popular Space Synthesizer, but unlike the Space Synthesizer which features an evolving wave oscillator, Ambient Keys plays hundreds of ambient waveforms/samples and processes these using the plug-in's powerful synth engine and its advanced effects processor, which has 133 (!!!) different effect modes, including our unique crossfading effects.

Ambient Keys includes a number of electronic drum kits, bass sounds, noise and mechanical sounds etc and not just pads. However, they all have an ambient character. They're different. Not the stuff you're used too.

These sounds are unusual, swirling, fat, lush, fantazy sounds, which sound almost organic. They'll definitely work as a source for inspiration when you need new ideas.

More Than One Thousand Presets Included

Ambient Keys includes 1024 presets. 256 of them are installed with the plugin. They will last for a long time. Play around with them and when you feel ready for more, then just download a new "soundpack", which includes a new set of ambient waveforms and 256 new presets to explore. Three soundpacks are included with the purchase of the plug-in.

You can start with the plugin-in itself (a 21 MB download) and its 256 presets and come back later on and download a new soundpack when you need new sounds. Or download everything immediately if you wish (each soundpack is approximately 16 MB).

Ambient Keys gives you a huge selection of sounds, which will last for a long time.


The effects section features 133 (!) different effect modes, including crossfading effects and layered effects. The effect section was tailor made for ambient sounds, featuring a large set of filter banks, a resonator, flanger, reverb, pitch shift, a sub oscillator, amplitude modulation, distortion, plus layered and crossfading versions of these effects.

Crossfading effects means that Ambient Keys can alternate between effects. That opens up for a new range of interesting sounds. Many of the presets make use of this feature.

The sound of the filter banks can be adjusted. The effects (except the reverb) may be controlled by an LFO with 7 different waveforms and two variations of each (14 in total). The reverb includes a lowpass filter for realistic damping. In addition, the plug-in has a dedicated ensemble section and a built-in stereo delay.


The number of voices that you'll get from the plugin is only dependant on the power of your CPU. However we have introduced a feature in Ambient Keys which allows you to set a voice limit, for example maximum 8 or 16 voices or any number.

MIDI Controllers

The plug-in features an easy-to-use "learn mode" to support MIDI controllers. That makes it easy for you to, say, draw a waveform in your sequencer and then let it control any of the knobs. Or hook up a a cheap external MIDI controller and control the plug-in with it.

Selecting Patches

Patches are organized into groups and they are selected using two drop down menus (one for the group and one for the patch itself). The drop down menus make it easy for you to browse through the patch collection. If you download a new soundpack, then you just have to run the installer and then the new presets appear as new patch groups (new menu choices).


Each voice has its own resonant filter, which can be controlled by an envelope or with velocity. You may adjust the waveform pitch and there's a traditional amp envelope there too.