Native Instruments - Bandstand

BANDSTAND is an excellent sound module with a General MIDI 1 compatible instrument library, perfect for musicians, composers and entertainers. The 128 carefully selected high-end instruments and 9 drumkits balance one another perfectly to create a smooth sonic image, ideal for playing back MIDI files. BANDSTAND sets new standards with respect to the sound quality of the library, the integrated effects, the convenience of the editing tools and its overall usability. The new sound module is available from authorised dealers and in the NI Online Shop.

BANDSTAND plays MIDI music the way it should be played. Its unmatched sample-quality and ease of use establishes a benchmark far beyond conventional GM modules. Intuitive sound mixing tools and exceptional effects deliver flexibility that make BANDSTAND the ideal tool in a wide range of situations.

Unrivalled Sound
BANDSTAND combines a state-of-the-art sampling engine with over 2 GB of professional samples and 128 instruments. Warm basses, tight drums, sparkling guitars, lush strings, resonant pianos and many more high-end sounds – the pristine quality of the samples included raises the bar considerably.
Easy and Intuitive
The clearly structured and intuitive interface neatly balances the highly advanced technology within. Great care has been taken to ensure that BANDSTAND is both simple to understand and easy to use – the perfect tool for compositional tuition at music colledges. The Quick Edit bar ensures manipulating sounds is effortless. Support of all standard plug-in formats equips BANDSTAND for sequencer-based production work while the stand-alone mode is ideal for live performances.
An Accomplished Player
Whether it's your own composition or an all-time classic, BANDSTAND injects just the right sound and the integrated MIDI file player delivers the performance of a lifetime every time. Adjusting the mix or replacing instruments is easy. High quality effects, a loop function and groove quantization allows a personal touch to be added – BANDSTAND will change the way sound modules and GM are perceived.
The Sample Library
The superb quality of the samples included in BANDSTAND all meet the rigorous quality demands that are the hallmark of all Native Instruments products. The samples were crafted by the NI sound design experts. A selection of specialist companies also contributed to the outstanding BANDSTAND sample library. These samples were all subjected to a special NI mastering process, ensuring a uniform sonic character was achieved.

Top Features

* Sound module with General MIDI 1 compatible sound set
* Over 2 GB professional sample library with 128 high-end instruments plus 9 drum kits
* GM2, GS and XG MIDI controller automation
* Based on the KONTAKT 2 sample engine, delivering unrivalled sound quality
* Clearly structured and extremely easy-to-use interface
* Intuitive selection and replacement of instruments and drum kits
* MIDI File player with tempo adjustment and export to audio function
* High quality effects: convolution effect, chorus, limiter and a 3-band-equalizer
* Quick Edit bar: provides real-time transposition, scale tuning, quantization and humanizing tools
* Preset Manager allows convenient use of individual settings for MIDI files

Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units™, RTAS™, DXi™, ASIO™, Core Audio™, DirectSound™
System Requirements
Mac OS 10.3.x, G4 1.5GHz, 512 MB RAM
Windows XP, Pentium / Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM
DVD Drive
- All requirements subject to change -