NuGen Audio Releases Two Free VST PC Plug-Ins: Monfilter LT and Stereoizer LT

Monfilter LT
Monofilter is a free VST effect for windows.

Monofilter provides a simple interface designed to convert a stereo signal below a specified frequency into a mono signal. The balance knob allows adjustment of the remaining stereo signal above the cutoff frequency.

Useful for ensuring that sounds are suitable for mastering to vinyl and keeping a check on LF signals in general, especially where stereo effects processing has been applied.

Stereoizer LT
Stereoizer is free VST effect for windows.

Stereoizer adds 'stereo spread' to a mono signal by splitting the frequencies into bands and then shifting them differently in the R and L channels. Great for adding depth to percussion loops and livening up synth pads etc.