ProXL - ProbaGate v1.0

ProbaGate is a VST trancegate effect, with an added probability value for each step. The patterns sound less static this way, because variations are introduced incidentally.

ProbaGate offers you:

- 32 steps per pattern
- each step has an associated probability value
- steps can be bound, after which the first probability triggers all adjacent steps
- 6 different operating speeds (resolutions)
- 6 different notelengths
- left and right channel can be set independently
- selectable host synchronization

In a well layed out user interface, you can set 32 steps for each pattern, with probabilities for each step.

You can specify steps and probabilities for the left and right channel seperately, if desired. However, when 'link steps to left channel' is checked, the right channel will follow the steps of the left channel. You can also link the right channel probabilities to the left channel.

All settings and controls are clearly explained in the information screen, by moving your mouse pointer over them.