Starplugs - SiX-2-2

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+++ 5.1 to stereo Downmixer +++
Starplugs SiX-2-2 downmixes are much more useful than standard downmixes because the SiX-2-2 gives you a variety of possibilities. You can adjust the virtual center amount of the front and rear channels to avoid overemphasizing of the virtual center in the stereo downmix. You can also set front and rear channels in a different base-width to make the downmix more transparent and less “overloaded”. The SiX-2-2 comes with a delay to reduce phase problems between front and rear channels that allows you to set the rear channels up to 50 ms before or after the front channels.

* Virtual center level control.
* Different base-width for front and rear channels.
* Delay to reduce phase problems.
* 25 Hz high pass filter.