Synthmaker v0.9.5d released

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SynthMaker is a graphical programming environment for creating VST instruments and effects plug-ins.

You can also use SynthMaker to learn about and experiment with digital signal processing so it's a great educational tool as well.

New Components:

* Clip: allows you to clip drawing to a particular area.

Additions and fixes:

* Fixed a crash that can sometimes occur when dragging components from the toolbox.
* Corrected the preset name for the Chorus module and removed the superfluous De-zipper module in the level meter.
* Fixed the Wave File component that was causing only half the samples to load.
* Exported VST dlls no longer show SynthMaker company information in the file properties.
* The search bar shortcut key combo has been changed from CTRL+TAB to CTRL+F.
* The grid to/from pixel conversion components were not updating correctly.
* Fixed the redraw bugs in the compressor & level meters.
* The remove links feature was, in some cases, not removing all the links in the selection.
* The Note to Int component was not restoring correctly after saving.
* Float values are now automatically adjusted to account for float representation issues when rounding to int.
* Wireless links for streams were not being established until after the first schematic edit.
* The Log10 and other float maths components were not updating when the links to them changed.
* The Make Module operation was not establishing wireless links correctly.
* Fixed a crash dues to infinite loop on the MGUI/PGUI when creating a feedback from it's own View out to it's View in.
* Selection information is now displayed on the status bar. This includes the size of the front panel if a single module is selected.
* Fixed a potential crash when using the Graph Max component.
* There is now a setting in the options to save your schematic file uncompressed.
* Fixed a problem with the Mouse Over component relating to triggers.
* Modules dragged to the toolbox when will now go to the Other group if there is no group selected.
* Fixed the problem with auxiliary components sometimes appearing in the front panel of exported to VSTs.
* Double-clicking on a module output would take you inside the currently selected module even if this isn't the one you clicked.
* The cursor was remaining permanently hidden when you try to turn a knob that is on top of another knob.
* Fixed some potential infinite loops situations when using the bool to true/false components.
* Resolved the long standing trigger problem that occurs when a component receives the same trigger by two different routes.
* Corrected a problem in all modules with a De-zipper where the timer was running constantly.
* You can now use CTRL+T or right-click and select from the menu to make the links draw on top or underneath components.