Tunafish v1.2

The Tunafish philosophy: a low-cost, lightweight sequencer that's as simple as possible yet with the versatility of a big sequencer. Stripped of confusing, exotic bells & whistles, focusing on what's essential and fun.
Key features:

* VST 2.3 compatible host for instruments and effects
* Single window interface, modeled after the successful Hammerhead formula
* Built-in sample/drum sequencer
* Use your own WAVs as samples
* An easy alternative to complex, bloated sequencers
* Resource friendly, ideal for use on a laptop!
* Easy Midi-learn function for use with Midi-controllers, and Midi-input
* Internal 32 bit audio processing engine with various built-in FX
* Export to high quality WAV, MP3 or RealMusic (MP3 ringtone) files
* Import and export of Midi (.mid) files
* Works with every soundcard, no other hardware necessary
* Use the PC-keyboard for triggering notes
* Registration: only USD 30,-

New in version 1.2 [26 Nov 2005]

* MP3 export (192, 224 and 320 Kbps)
* Midi-learn for tweaking parameters using external Midi-gear
* Very basic Midi-input recording
* Internal Midi-routing, for use with VST-midi plugins (e.g. Chordspace)
* Trigger notes using the PC-keyboard or the on-screen keyboard
* Various bugfixes and fixes for "misbehaving" plugins