Aodix v4.2

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Aodix v4 is the first tickless tracker-interface based sequencer of its kind. VST2 host, and supports ASIO2. Aodix v4 achieves outstanding real-time performance with very low latencies. Aodix supports modular VST instancing and wiring, allowing any kind of scheme. Aodix supports pattern arrangements with pattern calls, patterns being of virtually unlimited length.
Aodix provides several recording/editing modes for your convenience (e.g. edit at one location while transport is playing elsewhere!)...

O/S : Windows 2000 or XP
CPU : at least 1 Ghz CPU
RAM : at least 256 MB
Audio : ASIO soundcard
Display : at least 1024*768


- Added: Autocenter instance in routing window (ctrl+click on Instance lists)
- Added: Autoconnect instance to master configuration option.
- Added: Ctrl+Enter will return to the previous editing pattern.
- Added: Automation events keyboard editable.
- Added: Skin selector in configuration dialog.
- Added: Double-click on routing view will place the new loaded instance at cursor position.
- Added: Automation events colour shading.
- Added: Transposing of automation events.
- Added: Ctrl+Double Click in routing wire-link arrow will detach all instance output wires routing to same input destination instance.
- Added: Instance positioning at load improved.
- Added: Block data interpolation between events (beta).
- Added: Configuration option to run aodix in fullscreen mode.
- Modif: Full GUI skinning support.
- Modif: New indexed parameter list.
- Fixed: Transport cycle bug.
- Fixed: Proper handling of plugins with 1 or less (yes, 0 and -1) programs.
- Fixed: Small bug browsing plug-ins that have capital letter dll extension.
- Fixed: display problems with certain videocards.
- Fixed: erroneous vst pin connected flag report (fixes Antares Filter working mono and lot of others)
- Other: Miscellaneuous improvements and fixes.