Audeon - UFO

Combining unique sound synthesis technology and a very intuitive user interface concept, UFO is a very powerful yet extremely easy to use software synthesizer. Thanks to an extensive research work on oscillator models and signal processing as well as ergonomics that led to the development of the TransModal SynthesisTM technology, Audeon has come up with an innovative synthesizer concept that looks like nothing you've seen before... hence its name. With UFO, programming complex sounds has never been so easy.

UFO key strengths are:


Simplicity: UFO is very easy and fast to program. Sound programming mostly comes down to placing dots and drawing arrows on control screens featuring perceptually relevant parameters.

Versatility: UFO's flexible synthesis algorithms are capable of synthesizing a broad range of sounds from scratch, ranging from complex digital textures to organic flavoured sounds.

Expressivity: not only is UFO synthesis engine versatile, but most of the synthesis parameters can be modulated by up to eight modulation sources, all at the same time. This gives UFO an unmatched expressivity, with velocity and aftertouch being able to radically alter the sound, while the modulation wheel can be used to "morph" the sound into a totally different one.

If you've always been restricting yourself to using factory presets because you preferred focusing on composition rather than spending time on sound programming, then you may change your mind: with UFO's groundbreaking user interface concept, building the sound you want from scratch takes no longer than the time you usually spend going through hundreds of presets in search for something close enough to the sound you have in mind.

If you are into sound design and need to program fancy sound textures (or even simple leads!), then UFO and its 300+ simultaneous parameter modulations will unleash your creativity while reducing programming time thanks to its very intuitive user interface concept.

If you are into electronic music, then UFO's ability to turn a sound into another using the modulation wheel may be particularly useful to you for building slowly evolving patterns.

Il you are a performer seeking a highly expressive synthesizer, then UFO may also be your instrument of choice.

The full version of UFO is scheduled for december. It will be priced 199€ ($229) and will be sold online on Audeon's web site. It will be first available as a VST plugin for PC. A Mac version should follow soon.