db audioware - Aura Pro v1.0

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From the homepage:
The versatile virtual guitar amplifier with the authentic sound and feel of a premium hardware amp.

There's nothing quite like the fabulous sound of a vintage hardware amp to add magic to your guitar performance. But even if you really do have a vintage amp, when you create and mix your music digitally, it's hard to avoid your guitar sounding, well, "digital".

Aura Pro is a versatile virtual guitar amplifier that combines warm, gutsy valve tones and crisp solid state sounds, with the convenience and power of digital audio.

Traditionally designed, not mathematically modelled, Aura Pro follows in the footsteps of classic British amp designs. To achieve the authentic sound and feel of a good analogue hardware amp, it was refined during many hours of live audition sessions by musicians using db audioware's QFX audio technology.


* Plug-in Standards
o Works with any host program supporting
+ VST (PC Windows)
+ Audio Units or VST(Mac OS X)
o Supports VST2 automation
* Operating Systems
o PC Windows 2000, XP
o Mac OS X (10.3 or better)
* Recommended PC
o Pentium3 800MHz or better processor
o at least 256MB of memory
o minimum display resolution 1024x768 with 16k colors
* Recommended Mac
o G4 1GHz or better
* Soundcard Support
o Supports all major PC Windows soundcard standards, including MME, DirectX and low latency ASIO
o Supports Core Audio compatible soundcards on Mac OS X
* Copy Protection
o Software challenge/response system to key each user license to a unique computer