Drumular v0.9.2.1 public beta

Drumular is Coming Soon!
Andreas Ersson’s newest VSTi is a very versatile drum machine. The clever, powerful, modular architecture makes it possible to combine different types of synthesis into one drum kit, or even one drum sound. The simple layout makes it easy to begin making your own sounds right away! From the classic analog drum box sounds, to huge multisample drum kits. . .Drumular can do it all

Not only is it fun to program, it sounds great! New modules pop up immediately, so, you never really leave the main screen. Each module contains it’s own specific parameters, which drastically reduces the time that it takes to transfer sounds from your imagination to Drumular. Drumular will be released shortly.

A beta version of Drumular is currently available on their download page. The file is approximately 15.4MB and includes a variety of example kits.


* Fixed: Bank loading that was broken in some hosts (still doesn't load banks in FL Studio).
* It also fixes a bug that stopped Drumular from loading into its VST host.