DSP-Quattro v2.1.2

DSP-Quattro is an extremely powerful sound editor for the Mac OS. It's a highly innovative product that utilizes the latest technological advances of computer-based sound editing. DSP-Quattro, with it's foundation being the well-seasoned D-SoundPRO, benefits from 10 years of development and professional use in the audio production community. As the newest evolution, DSP-Quattro injects new life into sound editing by expanding the possibilities of simple sound editing into a full-fledged, professional audio workstation, effortlessly accommodating music production, plug-in hosting and advanced audio editing. You can even create final mastered files in DSP-Quattro, ready for pressing CDs.

Tremendous possibilities are offered by DSP-Quattro's built-in digital effects like reverbs, modulated digital delays, analog filter simulators and parametric or graphic Eqs. In addition, DSP-Quattro includes many more sophisticated algorithms, such as real-time hard-drive based polyphonic sample playback and real-time time-stretching and pitch shifting. DSP-Quattro expands it's capabilities exponentially as a host for third parties instrument and effect plug-ins, such as VST and AudioUnits.

DSP-Quattro is designed for the most discriminating professional users. However, because of it's simple and intuitive interface, DSP-Quattro is also an ideal product for novices in the field seeking to discover the world of digital audio. DSP-Quattro allows for professional results, it is simple to use, and with plug-in hosting capabilities, offers seemingly endless possibilities.

D-SoundPRO 3.x registered users can take advantage of a special upgrade offer. Please go to the UPGRADE page to learn more information.

Main features

* NEW in 2.0: Immediate Cut,Copy &Paste, and undos/redos, no matter how much is the audio file long.
* NEW in 2.0: Batch Processor, for automated file format conversion, plug-ins and additional processing.
* NEW in 2.0: State-of-art Linear Phase Sample Rate Converter (SRC) algorithm with selectable quality options, applicable also on the PlayList export, for AudioCD-ROM burning and for BatchProcessing.
* NEW in 2.0: Extended Altivec support for extreme processing and file I/O speed.
* Fully programmable PlayList with real time and non-destructive internal and/or VST/AU plug-in effects and crossfades between tracks
* Built-in audio CDROM burning capability that conforms to the Redbook standards (MacOS X only)
* Each PlayList track may have its own real time internal and/or VST/AU plug-in effect chain
* Playlist and audio CDROM image files can be exported or imported compatible with Roxio Toast/Jam format.
* AudioUnit Instruments and Effects plug-in support (MacOS X only)
* AIFF, SDII and .WAV mono/stereo sound files direct load/save support: 8, 16, 24, 32 and 32-floats bit/sample (the last allowed only for WAVE and AIFF file formats).
* RAW data files Import/Export (8, 16, 24, 32 and 32-Floats bits/sample).
* Import, by using QuickTime, of most audio file formats, including MP3, audio tracks from QuickTime movies and Audio CDROMs, and more.
* Advanced HD based High Speed audio engine, to play any audio files forward and backward, at every speed, without loading them in RAM memory.
* Plays audio files at pitches ranging from 0 to x2, including a speed ribbon controller interface. Audio scrub mode with audio monitoring. Reverse playback supported as well.
* Full Project management, to Load/Save a snapshot of the current configuration and all settings, as, for example, opened files, loaded Instruments, plug-in instruments, I/O configurations, etc...
* Complete list of editing functions, most of which have a real time preview option for the best parameters setting.
* Very easy to configure to play multiple - also at the same time - AudioUnit and VSTi Instruments by MIDI, also for live performances.
* Innovative Recording options, to record multiple inputs and outputs on HD in real time, also while playing Plug-in Instruments by MIDI and/or audio files.
* Zooms and visual tools, the state of art in graphic visual interface for audio editing.
* Left or Right independent channel editing of stereo files.
* Generic and Edit Markers support, with floating window interface for their management.
* Regions are supported. DSP-Quattro offers also an advanced graphic control on the Marker&Region tool window and several related functions for their management.
* Regions list can be exported as AudioCD Image compatible with Roxio Toast/Jam format.
* Infinte levels of Undo/Redo
* Complete Undo/Redo history table, to immediately jump back to any moment of the editing session.
* High quality built-in digital effects, applicable both as real time effects on audio insert, and as an off-line editing algorithm:
o Chorus
o Digital Delay
o Dual Digital Delay
o Stereoizer
o MultiTap Delay
o Reverbs
o Resonant analog LowPass, HighPass, BandPass filter simulations
o BandReject filter
o 4 Bands full parametric EQ
o 7 Bands graphic mono and stereo EQ
* BPM tempo based Auto-Detection, Auto-Loop and TimeStretching algorithms.
* Resampling, Pitch Conversion, Normalization, multiple Fade In/Out features.
* Drag&Drop support for fast loading, saving and exporting even regions of the audio files.
* Advanced floating window interface for Loop programming,
* X-Fade Looping algorithm fully programmable with real time preview.
* Multiple AudioUnit and VST Instruments and Effects hosting, for both real time live performances and off-line editing.
* VST mach-o (and carbonized) plug-in support (MacOS X only)
* VST (non carbonized) plug-in support (MacOS 8/9 only)
* Also Audio Inputs, Input Recorders, AudioUnit and VSTi Instruments can has their own independent insert effects
* User can Save/Load/Copy/Paste the Insert and Global Effx chain, including all loaded plug-ins and their settings.
* Find Peak and RMS function with extended facilities.
* Apple SoundManager fully compatible.
* ASIO and CoreAudio fully supported, to address also multiple analog and digital inputs and outputs at the same time.
* Very easy to configure as Real time multi-effects unit, including ASIO, CoreAudio or SoundManager Inputs to Outputs redirections.
* Full OMS MIDI and CoreMIDI drivers support.
* Akai, E-mu, Kurzweil, Roland, Yamaha and SMDI SCSI sample dump (including samples directory) support.
* MIDI SAMPLE DUMP STANDARD (SDS) and S50, S550, S330 MIDI sample dump support


* Now the PlayList window has a title according to the current PlayList file.
* Improved AIFF protocol, now DSP-Quattro does not fail to load AIFF files generated by new versions of QuickTime.
* Even better code optimization.
* Several minor things.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a problem of audio corruption occurring when playing fast-backward the PlayList on crossfades between tracks.
* Fixed a problem of plug-in latency compensation on the PlayList.
* Fixed a problem displaying the program preset names for AU plug-ins.
* Other minor bug fixes.