FabFilter - Twin v1.0

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FabFilter Twin is a versatile and powerful synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. It features super-high quality oscillators, superb, award-winning multi-mode filters, and truly unique drag-and-drop modulation slots which make sound designing fun, easy and fast. FabFilter Twin comes with a library of more than 500 presets!

Magnificent oscillators
FabFilter Twin contains two high quality, pure, solid-sounding oscillators, originally developed from scratch for the award- winning FabFilter One. They offer triangle, sawtooth and square wave forms. The oscillators also have hard sync, pulse width, and phase sync options.

Multimode filters with filter panning
Two independent multimode filters provide low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass responses with 12/24 dB/octave slopes. Both filters feature three different high-quality filter characteristics that define the unique sound and overdrive of the filter. They range from smooth with moderate overdrive to raw, self-oscillating and over-the-top! With the panning setting on both filters, you can adjust the filter balance on the left and right audio channels, which creates cool stereo effects without phase problems.

Drag-and-drop modulation slots
With 24 modulation slots and no shortage of modulation sources and targets, FabFilter Twin offers endless modulation options. But one of its best features is undoubtedly the ability to set up modulation connections with drag-and-drop. Just drag modulation sources to any target to fill Twin's modulation slots! Each slot can be inverted and temporarily disabled, and you can modulate the slot levels as well to create incredibly complex patches with ease.

Different oscillator-filter routings
You can route FabFilter Twin's oscillators and filters as you like, choosing between serial routing, parallel filters routed after the oscillators or a filter per oscillator.

More than 500 factory presets
FabFilter Twin comes with a huge library of more than 500 factory presets. Whether you like designing your own presets from scratch or prefer to browse through the factory patches to get that perfect sound, FabFilter Twin fits your needs. You can share your sounds with other users and the preset files are the same on Windows and Mac OS X.

Envelope generators and LFOs
FabFilter Twin contains three LFOs and three envelope generators. The envelope generators offer delay, hold, attack, decay, sustain and release settings and an offset option. The LFOs have adjustable sine, triangle, square, random triangle and sample-and-hold wave forms and can be synchronized to the host beat and tempo and MIDI events. All EG parameters and the LFO frequency can be modulated.

General modulation sources
FabFilter Twin offers velocity, aftertouch, keyboard track, modulation wheel, and pitch bend as general modulation sources.

MIDI learn
FabFilter Twin works with any MIDI keyboard or controller. Within minutes, you can associate each of Twin's parameters with any MIDI controller number, just by turning knobs in the user interface and on the controller.

Smart parameter interpolation
Changes to any of FabFilter Twin's parameters are interpolated by smart algorithms, ensuring both responsiveness and smooth transitions. There are no annoying digital clicks and zipper effects, and even MIDI controller changes are handled perfectly smooth.

Windows requirements
Windows XP/2000/98/Me/2003
Intel/AMD processor with SSE
VST 2 host

Mac OS X requirements
OS X 10.3 (Panther) or higher
G4 or better with AltiVec
Audio Units host or VST 2 host