n-Track Studio v4.1.5 beta 1

n-Track Studio 4 is an Audio & MIDI Digital Multitrack Recorder that transforms your PC into a powerful audio recording studio. You can record, playback, overdub just like with a tape multitrack recorder, but you can exploit the flexibility and power of today's PCs for applying effects, realtime input processing, automated aux channels sends and returns, destructive and non-destructive wave editing. The program supports 24bit-192 khz recording, multiple channels soundcards, live input processing, CD burning, mp3 encoding and much more.

# Records and plays back a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, depending on your computer’s speed
# Realtime Audio effects can be added to each channel
# Adjust the effect settings and listen to the result in real time
# Built-in effects include Reverb, Compression, Parametric and Graphic EQ, Echo, Auto-volume, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Multiband Compression, Spectrum analyzer
# Supports third party DirectX, VST 2.0 and ReWire plug-ins
# Supports 16 and 24 bit single and multichannel soundcards at sampling frequencies up to 192 Khz using Asio, WDM, MME and DirectSound

#Live input processing allows to process with plug-ins live signals. Record the 'dry' (unprocessed) signal while processing and reprocess the recording later - i.e. play a guitar through a distortion plug-in then change the distortion after the recording!
# Supports surround mixing for creating DVD audio projects using 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 channels surround formats
# Each audio track includes a 20 bands parametric EQ with graphical frequency response view, a full spectrum analyzer and an automatic instrument tunerUp to 32 aux channels with fully automated sends & returns
# Multiple input and output soundcards or more than one soundcard are supported: you can record multiple tracks at a time and output to more than one stereo output. Each output channels has its own master channel effects and volume contro
# Supports ReWire technology by Propellerhead Software AB: signals from other programs (such as Reason, Ableton Live, Fruityloops and many others) can be mixed in realtime with n-Track's own channels
# Sync to other programs or external devices using SMPTE/MTC or MIDI Clock sync, acting either as master or slave
# Loads and saves MIDI tracks to standard MIDI files
# Videos (AVI, MPEG) can be played in sync with the song in a dedicated video playback window
# Volume, pan, aux sends & returns and effects parameters can be automated: you can "program" fade-in/outs, cross fades, boost the volume of a track when there is a solo etc.
# Once finished recording the whole song, you can mixdown all the tracks into a single wav file and to use it to record an audio CD track using a CD recorder or to distribute the song via internet using the built-in mp3 encoder

n-Track Studio v4.1.5 Beta 1 Build 1995 changes since v4.1:

* Track input channel list in left timeline track bar.
* Option to disable automatic insert of live input tracks.
* Fixed "View/Soundcard settings/Mixer controls" not working on Windows x64.
* Fixed occasional "error opening file-chunk" error when starting recording.
* Fixed problem with punch-in recording when "Use system timer for recording" option disabled.
* Fixed incorrect number of live input channels added when Live button is pressed.
* Fixed program freezing when adding during playback VST plugins that accept MIDI input to group channels.
* Fixed program displaying waveform of previously deleted wave files.
* Fixed crash when recording with one input channel disabled.
* Display of waveform during recording.
* More accurate waveforms at low zoom levels.
* Outline waveform display option.
* Support non-instrument audio VST plug-ins that accept MIDI input, e.g. Gsnap.
* Redesigned punch-in recording with multiple takes, now takes are added as "alternate takes" that can be selected in the track context menu.
* Playback position cursor in Navigator window.
* "Bounce to single wave file with processing" command.
* Auto "Zoom All" keeps all song visible until zoom level is changed manually.
* Fixed rare crash when adding MIDI notes in Piano Roll during playback.
* EQ controls hidden with the "Show/Hide EQ controls" option in EQ window settings popup menu.
* Fixed notes added in Piano Roll during playback not heard when added at the end of track.
* Fixed program not reporting an error when .sng file fails to be saved because it has "Read only" flag set.