NI - Reaktor v5.1

New update includes many new Instruments

REAKTOR 5.1 takes Native Instruments' incredibly versatile sound studio a step further: Alongside numerous improvements, this latest version offers a wide range of new and updated instruments and sounds – the total number of synthesizers, samplers and effects included has risen to a staggering total of 63! Registered REAKTOR 5 users can download the update for free from the update manager…

REAKTOR 5.1 now includes the brand-new synthesizers Equinoxe Deluxe, FM4, 2Osc and Gaugear, the innovative SQx and Snapper sequencers, as well as four specialized core cells courtesy of Tim Exile. Beyond that, REAKTOR 5.1 offers optimized versions of the Massive, Oki Computer, FlatBlaster and Splitter ensembles.
The Synthesizers
The REAKTOR Core Technology greatly enhances the potential of classic synthesis concepts. Besides updating the Oki Computer, REAKTOR 5.1 also offers three fascinating new synthesizer emulations that deliver more potential and versatility than many of their hardware counterparts. Together with the Gaugear, the new ensembles push REAKTOR's sonic capacity to new heights.

Based on subtractive synthesis, the 2-Osc delivers fat analog sounds, both soft and harsh. Since all its audio components - two oscillators, envelopes, the intricate filter modules and innovative effects – were programmed using REAKTOR Core Technology, 2-Osc sets new standards in terms of sound quality and manipulability.

With its four operators, numerous effects and features, the FM4 is a powerful yet remarkably easy to use FM synthesizer. Based on REAKTOR Core technology, the FM4 delivers excellent quality and comes equipped with a ton of excellent presets.
Equinoxe Deluxe

Modelled on the legendary 70ties 'string machines', the Equinoxe Deluxe offers the lush and organic string sounds used in disco music as well as by many famed synthesizer composers. Additional effects, including emulations of popular phaser and chorus hardware units, considerably enhance Equinoxe Deluxe's potential.

This new ensemble created by Lazyfish, musician and renowned ensemble designer, takes you on a voyage through uncharted sonic territories! Equipped with a multitude of ground-breaking yet intuitive controls, this monophonic synthesizer produces weird, threatening and ambient sounds. The innovative and radically minimalist user interface belies the potential of the eight parallel FM/AM pulse oscillators and the reverb and equalizer features lurking beneath the surface.
OkiComputer 2.1

OkiComputer 2.1, the tool of choice for digital Lo-Fi sounds, bleeps and beeps from the 8bit era, has once again been refined. The update offers improved oscillators with new anti-aliasing features and several other enhancements.
Sequencing, Sampling and Effects
New sampling modules, sequencers, sample-transformers and drum computers significantly enhance REAKTOR's capacity as a live and studio tool – from sound generation to mastering.

REAKTOR 5.1 now includes a song and snapshot sequencer for intricate arrangements that can be recalled with a simple mouse click. Snapper can be connected with any REAKTOR instrument (slave), automatically saving all presets and settings of the slaves. Combine Snapper with REAKTOR's drum machines or sequenced instruments, and you'll have driving rhythmic patterns and even complete track arrangements right at your fingertips!

This slick drum sequencer offers four two-bar tracks for programming drum sounds. The quarter steps can be divided into smaller slices allowing the creation of complex, polyrhythmic drum patterns. Longer patterns can be created with the included snap sequencer SQx or in combination with the Snapper.
Live Sampling Core Cells courtesy of Tim Exile

This incredible package includes five REAKTOR Core Cells that can be used for for real-time transformation of live signals and samples. Four new demo instruments, based on these Core Cells, illustrate the radical potential within them and are perfectly suited for loop creation and tempo synchronized live effects.
Splitter 1.2

A revised and considerablly more convenient user interface delivers numerous improvements above and beneath the surface, making this granular sample transformer simpler and more versatile to use. Endless, innovative beats.
Massive 1.1

REAKTOR 5's powerful groovebox has been significantly enhanced. In addition to the new presets, Massive 1.1 also offers a number of new features such as Snapper, the integrated snapshot sequencer for arranging complex patterns, integrated effects (quantisation, gate, delay, EQ) and a new granular mode optimized for drum sounds.
FlatBlaster 2.0.2

Thanks to improvements in its Core structure, the renowned REAKTOR mastering tool now sounds even better and fatter, while reducing the CPU load at the same time.

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