Prodyon - Ironizer v1.0

Ironizer - "welcome to the future" !
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The Ironizer is a new VST-Effect that can create additional harmonics, side-frequencies and totally unique sounds by adding MIDI-playable delay-banks to the audio input in realtime.

Its power is the creation of truly unheard effecst, like drones and comb-sounds, and that with any material you feed it with. You can use it to spice up boring sounds or loops or even create complete new sounds by simply playing some phrases via MIDI.

The new Auto-Slider automatically adapts the feedback to the volume of the audio input.
A gain, completely in realtime!

Ironizer is a Windows(TM) VST-Effect and needs at least a VST2.0-Host, 450Mhz and 128 MB of RAM.