Rocktave - Delta SP v1.74

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An Audio and MIDI system for Windows PC's. Now with a new multi-track Audio and MIDI sequencer.


Delta SP is like a bunch of normal music software programs, except it's all been crammed into one, so it's much bigger, but more flexible and easier to use once you've learned the basics. Delta SP has a sequencer, which plays MIDI messages to it's internal synthesizer or to external MIDI devices, and also Audio clips to Audio channels in the synth.

You can use Delta SP to compose music, jingles, radio programs or film effects. When your project is ready you can use the Export Audio function to save your project as a high definition WAV, MP3 or OGG file.

The Delta SP synthesizer is stereo, including effects. It uses 32 bit audio. It loads internal plugins and VST plugins. It has a big integrated sampler similar to soundfont technology which works together with the synth. Delta SP works great on Windows 95 thru Windows XP.

Delta SP should take you a few hours to get familiar with if you are reasonably proficient with working a computer. It might take you sometime to learn all the parts if you are not familiar with music software in general. If you have used music software before, you will recognize a lot of standard tools and panels in Delta SP.


Multi-Track Sequencer
# Unlimited tracks in unlimited nestable track folders.
# Sequence Audio and MIDI clips.
# Import and export MIDI.
# Import and export Audio.
# MP3, OGG and WAV formats supported.
# 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM.
# Customisable sequencer theme.
# Share plugins amongst multiple tracks.
# Sequence to external MIDI devices.

If you want something that jumps open in 0.001 milliseconds and makes all the music for you even faster all using just four buttons in one window then you will not like the Delta SP sequencer. The sequencer is made with scalability in mind. Simple tasks are simple to do, but as your sequencing abilities grow, more advanced tasks are also there to allow your music to grow with you. With Delta SP, you get to tame the machine and hopefully not the other way round. For example, moving clips around and in between tracks is childs play using drag and drop, while making your own minute long dance pad using twenty tracks to twenty different plugins for original sound and depth might take a little figuring. With Delta SP, if your mind can hear the music, Delta SP can make it for you. Don't be fooled by the types who say software is not equal to recording hardware, or that if the software costs more then it sounds better. If you use Delta SP right, your music will be just as right as well. A lot of music created since the digital revolution lacks the musical interestingness of pre-digital music. For example, the Beatles and the Rolling stones still sound great today, as does most good music from the eighties, but did they have 32 bit wave file editing using unlimited tracks and audio material? Not! Modern musicians often rely on the software to 'do it all for them' believing that it is enough. Would Beethoven or Mozart have relied on some loops repeated over and over again if they had had the power of multi-track sequencing at hand? What would Bob Dylan or The Doors have sounded like had they known unlimited effects and synths? Anyway you answer these questions you'll forget about the 'audio experts' and their brain draining '24 bit vs. 32 bit' arguments and come to the conclusion that the time is nigh for doing great things with multi-track software Audio and MIDI sequencing.

Custom Loop Creation
With the Delta SP plugins and Export Audio feature, you can make advanced audio loops with Delta SP, and then use them in your songs. No matter how quick your PC is, you will find the technique of layering and recording multiple tracks into one loop is great for a much bigger sound. With MIDI sequencing, the speed of the PC imposes polyphony(voice) limits on what you can do, and when you need lots of tracks this becomes a big issue. With loop creation you can use MIDI and plugins to make pads, riffs and effects using as many tracks and plugins as your PC can handle for one riff, and then export it to audio and repaet the process with other riffs and pads so that your end result is a far more professional and musically pleasing sound than can be achieved with pure MIDI to plugin style sequencing.

Record and edit MP3 and OGG files
Delta SP has internal 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM wave editing, and can also edit MP3 and OGG files as well as WAV files that can be decoded and encoded by the windows ACM. With the number of takes only limited by your hard disk space, you can record and sequence bands, singers or solo musicians, and produce professional high quality music.

Built In Plugins
With more than 50 built in plugin effects and synths, as well as some custom Plugin Builder synths, a musician can get straight to the business of music making once Delta SP is installed. All VST plugins listed at are also available in Delta SP internally as well. This includes the flexible Universal VSTi synthesizer.

Build Plugins
Use Plugin Builder to build and compile ready to run VST plugins, such as softsynths and effects.

Delta SP As A Custom MIDI Device
Use Delta SP as a MIDI device by assiging MID channel numbers to plugins in the synth and then having your external MIDI devices play into Delta SP either via the soundcards MIDI port or virtual MIDI cables. For example, use an external MIDI sequencer to drive Delta SP as a virtual MIDI device, or use one or more MIDI keyboards or other MIDI controllers and play the plugins in Delta SP.

Delta SP As A Virtual Guitar/Audio Rack
Got a guitar? Sing? Play the ukelele but need some effects like reverb, delay, compression or distortion? Simple, plug your instruments pickup lead into your computer, enable 'AUDIO IN' in Delta SP and play live with realtime effects. Use fast bypass buttons on plugin panels to enable or disable effects while playing. For example, you have a band and are the lead guitarist. Your sound is good for this song you are doing but need some customisable delay at the end of each verse. Plug your MIDI foot controller into the PC as well as your guitar. Use assignable controller maps in Delta SP to map your foot controller to the on/off switch of the delay, and play away. Repeat this technique with multiple effects for a much broader sound range for your band. You don't even need a foot controller if you have time to do it with a mouse between riffs. Whats more, if your PC soundcard supports multiple channels or you can work multiple soundcards in your PC, then you can try using Delta SP as a multiple Audio channel effects processor where two or more musicians such as guitarists can use multiple effect paths one one PC.

# Multi-Track Sequencer
# MIDI/Audio Clips
# Track Folders
# Linked Clips
# Low latency
# VST/i Host
# VST Plugin Builder
# Software sampler
# Built in effects
# Built in synths
# Preset management
# Modular Synth
# Import MIDI
# Record MIDI
# Export MIDI
# Export Audio
# Import Audio
# Record Audio
# Edit MP3, OGG and WAV